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“Hello, World!”

Our Goal

We describe rw::excursions as events that we organise for our fellow CSE (Computational Science and Engineering) students together with companies or institutions that work in the field of CSE or fields in which methods and approaches covered in our studies are applicable.

Our goal is to provide CSE students with an opportunity to explore potential career paths and workplaces. By offering insight into the different types of job roles available and the work environments they can expect to encounter, students can make informed decisions about their future career paths.

By exposing students to a range of possibilities, they can explore areas they may not have considered previously and learn about the skills and qualifications needed to excel in those fields. This can help them identify their strengths and interests and guide them towards career paths that are most aligned with their aspirations, skillset and values. Additionally, giving students an insight into potential future workplaces can help them understand the work cultures, values, and expectations of different companies. This can help them evaluate potential employers and determine which ones are the best fit for their personality, working style, and career goals.

Providing students with a broad range of career possibilities and workplace insights can also help bridge the gap between academia and industry. It allows students to gain practical knowledge about the application of their studies and prepare for the real-world challenges they will face in their future careers.

Overall, our goal is to offer our fellow students a glimpse into the varied possibilities concerning their career paths and potential future workplaces and to empower them to make informed decisions about their future and ensure they are well-prepared for the transition from academic studies to the professional world.

Your Benefit

Having potential future employees visit your company or organisation can bring a variety of benefits. Firstly, it provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your company and its values to the next generation of students, particularly those from esteemed institutions such as ETH. By hosting these visits, you can present your company’s culture, ethos, and mission, and demonstrate how these align with the students’ own goals and aspirations.

Moreover, hosting visits allows you to engage with the students and learn about their interests, skillsets, and experiences. This can help you gain insight into the latest trends and developments in your field, and identify talented individuals who may be a good fit for your company in the future.

In addition, inviting potential future employees to visit your company can foster a positive relationship between your organization and the academic community. It shows that you are invested in nurturing young talent and developing the skills and knowledge necessary for their success in your industry. This can enhance your reputation as an employer and increase the likelihood of attracting top talent in the future.